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Netzkino achieves excellent Ad Fill rate

Aktualisiert: 13. Apr. 2022

Berlin-based VoD provider Netzkino has been able to significantly increase its advertising load as of Q4 2021. The streaming service now achieves an ad fill of almost 100% on its website

The reason for the excellent ad fill is, in addition to efficient advertising partners, above all the currently strong competition in the advertising market. The decrease of free advertising spaces have been promoted to a large extent, which at the same time led to higher selling prices (CPMs) for the individual advertising spaces.

Aside from the website, advertising utilization could also be increased in the sector of Connected TVs as well as on numerous external channels of the streaming provider. Netzkino has thus secured all advantages of the currently flourishing advertising market on several fronts.

To achieve the excellent ad fill rate of almost 100%, the streaming service Netzkino relies on several pillars. These include direct marketing and cooperations with digital marketers such as Ströer, Goldbach, Smartclip & Co. Furtehrmore, Ad Exchange, Google's marketplace for ads, and Google's Open Bidding are also playing an important role in the advertising processes of the VoD service. Google's Open Bidding solution gives Netzkino access to programmatic marketplaces outside the Google universe (such as Pubmatic and Index Exchange), resulting in additional reach and increased competition on the market.

High advertising utilization and rising prices also have a positive impact on Netzkino users. On the one hand, the variety of advertisements increases and thus the number of advertisements relevant to the user. On the other hand, additional revenues will be passed on to users through the acquisition of new and high-quality film titles. This increases the selection of films, and at the same time the user experience as well as their satisfaction.

The advertising revenue generated by the high ad fill will enable Netzkino to acquire further spectacular films in the future. The streaming service has already been able to pass this advantage on to movie fans in the past: With first-class major content, such as Fight Club, L.A. Confidential, Almost Famous - Fast berühmt and many A-movies more.

The commercials shown on Netzkino are aired at the beginning of each movie, as well as in short interruptions during the movie. By placing those specific ads, Netzkino is able to offer its users a free streaming experience with over 2,500 movies from all genres.


Netzkino is the largest advertising-financed video-on-demand (AVOD) provider for films in German-speaking countries and a brand of Spotfilm Networx GmbH, a subsidiary of the Trias Media Group. More than 2,500 films are available on all noteworthy end devices. More information are available here.

Contact for press inquiries:

Klaudia Patacz

Marketing & Communications Manager

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