Netzkino AVOD channel, happy 10th anniversary on YouTube!

Aktualisiert: Apr 30

The video-on-demand platform Netzkino and company from Berlin is celebrating its birthday today. Netzkino was the first YouTube channel to publish movies legally and free of charge offering advertised financed on demand services.

10 years ago, Netzkino was one of the first channels on the German VOD market who made films legally available for free, streaming on YouTube. Over the past years, Netzkino has successfully turned into a cross-platform streaming service, which has established itself as a major provider in the German film market with its model of advertising-financed streaming. It all started with the Netzkino YouTube channel, where movies were available in full length and free of charge. After Netzkino more YouTube channels followed, serving various genres and thus reaching an even larger target audience. Over the years, Spotfilm Networx GmbH, the legal successor of Netzkino Services GmbH, became an AVoD channel network and one of the leading AVoD streaming providers in Germany with over 20 channels, 800 MM video views, 5 billion channel impressions and over 15,000 published films. Today, Spotfilm Networx operates advertising-financed VoD channels for feature films and is the world’s largest complete film network on YouTube. The brand „Netzkino“ is the number 1 in Europe for free of charge highlight films on YouTube. Last year, Netzkino reached over 1 million subscribers on the Netzkino YouTube channel.

Netzkino ( is the largest AVOD streaming service in German-speaking countries. Find more information here: Netzkino is a brand of Spotfilm Networx, a subsidiary of Trias Media Group owned by Peter von Ondarza.

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