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Netzkino now streaming new highlight films by Koch Films

Netzkino kicks off the spring with first-class new content from all genres. Included: numerous world-famous actors and Oscar winners.

Koch Films GmbH provides Spotfilm Networx with over 90 award-winning feature films. Included in the new highlight film package are flicks of all genres and from various production countries. Some of the best known include: Wicked Blood, Dog Eat Dog or Marauders. Famous actors such as Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe, Mark Ruffalo, Keanu Reeves or Oscar winner Nicolas Cage add the finishing touches to the new movie deal.

The Internet Movie Database IMDb also rates many of the new flicks higher than average. Particularly noteworthy are Timecrimes (IMDb 7.1 / 10), Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy (IMDb 6.5 / 10) or 14 Blades (IMDb 6.3 / 10).

The exclusive titles can now be streamed for free. For the time being, they will be available online on all so-called O&O platforms (Owned and Operated) of Spotfilm Networx GmbH. In addition to Netzkino, the films can therefore also be accessed via other well-known YouTube channels, such as Dzango or Fabella. Furthermore, the in-house website and the Netzkino app are available for streaming.


About Spotfilm Networx:

Spotfilm Networx GmbH is the largest ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) provider for feature films in German-speaking countries and a part of KOCH Films GmbH. With 20 million film views per month, the platform represents a modern and innovative free TV. Over 50 licensor agreements, and numerous strong cooperations, have contributed to the Berlin-based streaming company in successfully making a name for itself in the AVOD market. Among the most famous brands is the popular channel Netzkino, which is the largest feature film channel in the German-speaking region with over 2,500 films and around 1.33 million subscribers on YouTube. You can find more information about Spotfilm Networx by clicking on this link.

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