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Netzkino starting with its own app for the German launch of Roku

Netzkino is represented at the launch of the streaming provider Roku in Germany with a newly developed app.

At the market launch, the new Netzkino app by Netzkino will be featured prominently in the categories "Highlights" and "Recommended". It will also be regularly found in the section called "Film & TV". In addition to the high-profile placement of the app, Netzkino will receive numerous other features. These include prominently placed logos, as well as extensive promotion on the packaging and the homepage of the streaming provider.

At the launch of the service, the popular feature film brand of Spotfilm Networx is showing its more than 2,500 films. Particularly noteworthy are world-famous films such as Fight Club, Kenau, Funny Games, Hysteria, or the critic-praised horror REC. Fans of home cinema can also look forward to many well-known actors like Brad Pitt, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Adrien Brody, Penélope Cruz or Ryan Reynolds are among the cast of the unique film offer.  

The new partnership with Roku is therefore part of another milestone that Spotfilm Networx GmbH was able to set this year. CEO Hauk Markus also emphasizes: 

"We are very pleased to be a high-profile partner for the Roku launch in Germany. We have been planning the cooperation together for a long time and have jointly developed a new app for it that meets the technical requirements of the Roku devices. The streaming landscape in Germany will be enriched by a major player and we firmly believe that Netzkino will be an enrichment for all movie fans as well as for Roku itself as a new content partner. We look forward to today's launch with great excitement and anticipation." 

The Roku streaming gadgets offer German consumers an easy and affordable way to enjoy premium entertainment from the Netzkino universe via smart-TVs.  Netzkino is available through the hardwires Roku Express, Roku Express 4K and Roku Streaming Stick 4K.  To enjoy the great selection of movies, in addition to the hardware, a Roku account is required.  After that, streaming can be done directly and for free.  

Interested customers can purchase the provider's gadgets in all known electronics stores from September 28th on. 


Netzkino is the largest ad-financed video-on-demand (AVOD) provider for feature films in German-speaking countries and a brand of Spotfilm Networx GmbH. More than 2,500 films of all genres are available on all noteworthy end devices. With over ten million film viewings per month, the platform represents modern, innovative free TV. With 1.25 million subscribers, the YouTube channel is the best-known and largest German feature film channel on the video platform. Spotfilm Networx GmbH is part of the financial holding Trias Media Group, owned by Berlin-based entrepreneur Dr. Peter von Ondarza.

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