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Significance of streaming increases continuously

The market share of video-on-demand is showing a steep trend upwards: already 31 percent of users are streaming movies and series instead of watching them on free TV. A study by electronics giant Samsung now sheds new light on home cinemas all over Europe.

The study has been conducted on the topic of Connected TV (CTV) and shows that streaming is taking place on TV screens more often. It, however, does not distinguish between subscription-financed (SVOD) or ad-financed (AVOD) content on the smart TV, but takes a general look at streaming itself.

In second place are desktop or laptop as popular streaming devices (21 %). The smartphone follows in third place (19 %), although the TV remains the preferred device.

The fact that streaming is increasingly taking place via TV, also offers new opportunities for advertisers. It is proven, that consumers are far more relaxed and focused in front of the CTV than in other situations. Another advantage is the increased acceptance of advertising in the streaming environment - according to the study, viewers accept advertising on TV more quickly than on other devices.

Since 2017, Netzkino is also represented on Samsung TV Plus with its diverse offering. The Berlin-based streaming provider thus joins the long list of content providers on CTV devices and benefits strongly from the current development on the AVOD / SVOD market.


Source: "Hersteller-Studie unterstreicht wachsende Bedeutung von Streaming auf dem Big Screen"

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