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6 new channels on Roku devices: Spotfilm Networx expands its portfolio

Following the successful launch of its VOD flagship Netzkino in September, Spotfilm is now launching six new channels on the Roku platform. The new offer includes brands like Fabella, Heimatkino, Nanoki, Fantasja, Screamtime and TemporaTV, which are already strongly established on YouTube.

Particular emphasis was placed on a diversity of genres. Thus, the channels cover the topics drama, fantasy, horror, and children's films. However, also German productions as well as factual reports and documentaries are represented within the new portfolio.

In addition to the broad range of topics, well-known faces will be flickering across home screens on Roku: Chris Evans, Pamela Anderson or Ashton Kutcher play the leading roles in numerous films. From German cinema, popular actors such as Heike Makatsch, Christian Ulmen and Katharina Thalbach will be familiar to viewers.

With the addition of these channels, the successful Berlin-based streaming company hopes to increase its general reach as well as tap into a new customer base. Furthermore, by adding 6 new channels, the successful partnership with Roku is to be strengthened.

All Spotfilm channels can also be accessed on Roku devices for free. Only a Roku player is needed to access streaming, which can be purchased at any known consumer electronics store.


Spotfilm Networx GmbH is the largest ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) provider for feature films in German-speaking countries and a part of KOCH Films GmbH. With 15 million film views per month, the platform represents a modern and innovative free TV. Over 50 licensor agreements, and numerous strong cooperations, have contributed to the Berlin-based streaming company in successfully making a name for itself in the AVOD market. Among the most famous brands is the popular channel Netzkino, which is the largest feature film channel in the German-speaking region with over 2,500 films and around 1.28 million subscribers on YouTube. You can find more information about Spotfilm Networx by clicking on this link.

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