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Purpur Media markets Netzkino's YouTube traffic in Austria

Starting in September, the marketing agency Purpur Media will cooperate with Germany's largest AVOD feature film provider Netzkino. Specifically, the agency will market display video ads on the web platform, on the corresponding YouTube channel as well as on all connected TVs (CTV).

With the Viennese Agency, Netzkino now has a strong partner at its side, who will primarily market all of Netzkino feature films which can be watched on its YouTube channel in Austria.

With this cooperation, the Berlin-based streaming platform is opening up additional territories, which will significantly improve the marketing quality of Netzkino and thus make the streaming service even more attractive for potential advertising partners. The aim is to establish Netzkino as the portal for freely available feature films in Austria. To achieve this goal, it is essential to expand successful brand penetration by means of further content partnerships and new advertising partners, such as the one with Purpur Media.

The streaming provider's desire is to achieve higher advertising utilization (adfill) with higher CPMs (thousand-contact prices) for the popular AVOD service on YouTube. Further, Netzkino's web and CTV traffic will also be marketed by Purpur Media in Austria in the future.

Purpur Media is a renowned agency that specializes in native advertising, video advertising and advertising integrations on platforms with strong target groups.

With over ten million film views per month, Netzkino sees itself as a modern, innovative free TV. A total of more than 2,000 films are available for streaming on the platform, free of charge, legally and adapted to all end devices. 86.5 percent of Netzkino users stream from the founding country, Germany. Austria contributes 8.5 percent to the total number of all users, and Switzerland accounts for 5 percent. In Austria, more than 2.5 million ad impressions (advertising deliveries) are delivered on Netzkino. The target group is two-thirds male and on average between 35 and 64 years old. Netzkino offers a wide range of film genres: In addition to special-interest products, the portfolio also includes premium titles from Sony Pictures, among others.


Netzkino is the largest ad-financed video-on-demand (AVOD) provider for feature films in German-speaking countries and a brand of Spotfilm Networx GmbH. More than 2,000 films of all genres are available on all noteworthy end devices. With over ten million film viewings per month, the platform represents modern, innovative free TV. With 1.2 million subscribers, the YouTube channel is the best-known and largest German feature film channel on the video platform. Spotfilm Networx GmbH is part of the financial holding Trias Media Group, owned by Berlin-based entrepreneur Dr. Peter von Ondarza. For more information, please visit:

Contact for press inquiries: Klaudia Patacz Marketing & Communications Manager e-Mail:

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