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Road movie "Bekas" reaches over 2.5 million views

Two brothers who follow their dreams with all their strength and imagination: That's the movie "Bekas - The Adventure of Two Superheroes," which has generated an incredible amount of 2.5 million views since its release on diverse Spotfilm platforms.

The touching movie can be found on the Spotfilm channels Netzkino, Fabella, DZANGO and Highresworld. On Fabella alone - the Spotfilm channel for romantic comedies, love stories and heart-wrenching dramas - the flick has cracked the 2 million views mark. A new record for the YouTube channel!

With such an immense number of views, the flick has an impressive watch time of over 746,700 hours. The gripping story was also very well received by the YouTube community: A total of over 34,000 likes reflect the enthusiasm of the viewers.

What is the story about?

Zana and Dana, two Kurdish brothers, grow up in Iraq in 1990 under the regime of Saddam Hussein. 7-year-old Zana and his older brother are orphans living on the streets. Because they know no other life than the difficult existence they lead, they are perfectly content with it and go about their daily lives bravely and full of joie de vivre. When the movie 'Superman' hits the theaters in their hometown, the two boys get a new role model as well as a new perspective from the hero in the red cape. From now on, one thing is clear to them: they have to move to America!

If your interest has now been awoken, you can watch the emotional road movie for free at this link: Bekas.


Spotfilm Networx GmbH is the largest ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) provider for feature films in German-speaking countries and a part of KOCH Films GmbH. With 15 million film views per month, the platform represents a modern and innovative free TV. Over 50 licensor agreements, and numerous strong cooperations, have contributed to the Berlin-based streaming company in successfully making a name for itself in the AVOD market. Among the most famous brands is the popular channel Netzkino, which is the largest feature film channel in the German-speaking region with over 2,500 films and around 1.28 million subscribers on YouTube. You can find more information about Spotfilm Networx by clicking on this link.

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