The participation in the nationwide voucher film campaign of Netzkino, COMPUTER BILD and AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD has been running for 6 months and is a success. The best proof is the number of users during the campaign period from January to June 2020. The number of COMPUTER BILD readers who used the free film offer from Netzkino during this period was in the mid-five-digit range. At 31 %, most of the user access the campaign directly via the browser. With 25 % of the accesses to the free voucher films came Samsung devices and Amazon FireTV and Android shared third place at 15 %. We are very happy about the remarkable participation in the joint voucher promotion and hope for another exciting six months with increasing user numbers. You can access the voucher film page on Netzkino here.

The voucher film campaign

Since January 2020, COMPUTER BILD readers have been receiving highlight films free of charge as a stream as a special offer from Netzkino. The voucher code is provided by COMPUTER BILD in the current issues for its customers and can be redeemed at Netzkino. For 48 hours, customers receive exclusive free access to rousing top films such as Hacked (Pierce Brosnan), Once Upon a Time in Venice (Bruce Willis) or Vendetta (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Users can stream all films free of charge via iOS, Android, FireTV, Samsung Smart TV, Panasonic Smart TV or The voucher films are available exclusively and free of charge only at Netzkino! If users have any questions or problems, they can find information about the most important answers and support on the FAQ page of COMPUTER BILD.

In addition to the voucher film campaign with COMPUTER BILD there are also some changes in the design of the Netzkino App. Thanks to the optimisation, users will benefit in future from a much better presentation of the app. In addition to new fonts, categories on the start page and a new keyboard design, the handling and navigation in the app will also be made more user-friendly by smoother transitions.

About Netzkino

Netzkino ( is the largest AVOD streaming service in German-speaking countries. Find more information here: Netzkino is a brand of Spotfilm Networx, a subsidiary of Trias Media Group owned by Peter von Ondarza.

With the voice function on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Cube, movies can be selected directly using the Netzkino app. Using commands like „Alexa, play Little Gangster on Netzkino“, users can conveniently navigate a movie on Netzkino using the appropriate voice remote control by voice command. As part of this campaign, the Netzkino app will be prominently featured and advertised on the start page.

In spring 2018, Netzkino was one of the first partners of Amazon to work on the development of content catalog integration and speech recognition via Alexa on FireTV devices. Through the joint development over the last 2 years, Amazon FireTV users can find Netzkino content without having to open or install the Netzkino app. Since the over 2,000 films of the Netzkino app can be used without registration or costs, the user can find the content directly via Alexa speech recognition. If the app is not installed, the user is guided to the download the page of the Netzkino app. Netzkino is the first provider on Fire TV with which the catalog integration was implemented and can be used live.

Netzkino ( is the largest AVOD streaming service in German-speaking countries. Find more information here: Netzkino is a brand of Spotfilm Networx, a subsidiary of Trias Media Group owned by Peter von Ondarza

The cooperation between Spotfilm Networx and Amazon is further expanding. In addition to the Netzkino App and the Netzkino Select Channel, Amazon users now also have access to western movies with the new BRONCO App.

Just one click away, amazon users now have access to numerous western movies, which are available for free via the new BRONCO app. The BRONCO App can be accessed and downloaded directly on a Fire TV Stick. BRONCO Western movies can be viewed by users free of charge and without subscription. The BRONCO App is also available for the Fire-TV stick and can be downloaded directly to your TV as a smart TV app. With content such as The Shooting (Jack Nicholson), The Wind’s Fierce (Terrence Hill) or Stagecoach (Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson), users get access to Western movies on BRONCO. The new free BRONCO App on Amazon can be found here.


BRONCO is one of the largest advertising-financed Video-on-Demand (AVoD) providers of Western and cowboy movies in the German-speaking countries. The Western Channel was created in 2016 from the multi-channel network of Spotfilm Networx GmbH and has expanded into a YouTube channel with over 10 million views. Over the years, BRONCO has developed into a cross-platform Western Channel, which, in addition to the YouTube channel and website, is also available as an app on the video-on-demand portals, Funke, Zattoo and now also on Amazon.